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Massey Hall Live and Acoustic Album

July 25, 2008 03:17 PM UTC

Engineer Zach Blackstone is at it again. On a recent post on the Bored, Matthew Good hinted that the live concert CD may indeed come out as well as provided the lyrics for Portrait of Artist in Jungle.

It's being poked and prodded by Zach across the street at the Warehouse as we speak. To be honest, I'm just too terrified to even go over there and listen. It may even come out with me having never heard it.

All of you people yelling "play Rico" at the Massey Hall show may soon have a chance to hear yourself, in crystal clarity.

There is also a new possibility of an all acoustic CD. thing I really would like to do is release an online only acoustic EP on new material and a few ones that have never been recorded so that when I do tour acoustically that there is new material there. For the most part, the record that I have written is near impossible to play on an acoustic guitar without it sounding entirely empty.

Tune in daily for more Vancouver album and demo updates!