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E-mail Troubles, NF Store Re-Launch

December 16, 2008 03:45 AM UTC

We appologize if you happened to receive more than one e-mail from the forums today. There was an issue with the forum mailing system and it resulted in multiple mailings. I have manually cancelled the rest of the mail batch to prevent any more duplicates.

We will strive to prevent this from happening again in the future. Since it's likely that you did not get the e-mail, here was the gist of it:

As we've now finished transferring the forums to a new server, we've also upgraded the forums! With the help of several generous members, the Bored now has several brand new features as well as a new NF Store! More rarities are being added daily.
As there was a small issue converting your NF$ over to the new system, all members have been credited with the amount of NF$ you would've had before downloading anything.
A special thank you to forum poster, Shiri, for making our holiday banner.

Once again, our appologies if you received more than one e-mail!

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