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Hospital Music

March 1, 2007 07:23 PM UTC

- Champions Of Nothing
- A Single Explosion
- Metal Airplanes
- 99% Of Us Is Failure
- Born Losers
- Odette
- Black Helicopter
- The Boy Come Home
- The Devil's In Your Details
- Moon Over Marin
- Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird
- I Am Not Safer Than A Bank
- I'm A Window
- She's In It For The Money
- True Love Will Find You In The End

The album title has been confirmed! Hospital Music will be the third solo album to be released by Matthew Good. He has confirmed that the album will consist of fifteen tracks, two of them covers, and the first track being at just under ten minutes in length. The two covers, as we reported before, are The Dead Kennedys' "Moon Over Marin" and Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You In The End." Also note, the new album may also be streamed through the official site a few weeks before the release though the release date for the album is still yet to be determined.

As you may already know, this will be Matthew Good's last album with Universal Music. Since record labels, in general, tend to downplay last option releases, it's our duty and yours, as fans, to help promote it. In the coming weeks, a new 'street team' section will open on Near Fantastica, so check in daily. On to some better news, there will most likely be TWO TOURS for this release! One will be with the band and the other will be a solo acoustic tour like the last. Check our concerts section for updates.

More information on the new album can be viewed in our new section, Hospital Music, or through the album listings section.