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Live at Massey Hall

October 20, 2008 04:35 PM UTC

We are happy to announce that we can now confirm that Live at Massey Hall will be released on CD this November 4th, 2008! Better yet, you can hear the first TWELVE TRACKS this October 7th thanks to iTunes Canada!

If you're not in Canada, you'll be able to download the FULL ALBUM on your regional version of iTunes.

The limited release double album is also being released on vinyl. There will only be 10,000 copies!

There is no news yet as to whether or not an all acoustic album of previous works, mentioned two month ago, will be released but we'll keep you updated.

If you were lucky, you might've also caught the final version of the Last Parade demo on Matthew Good's blog. But if you weren't we've at least got the lyrics posted.

Check out our albums section for the brand spanking new Live at Massey Hall section and for additional information on the upcoming Matthew Good solo album, Vancouver.

Update: Unfortunately the vinyl has been cancelled! The album will be available on CD this November 4th.

Update: Tracks from the album are streaming off of Matthew Good's website. We've also corrected some mistakes on our album page.

Stay tuned for more updates and information!