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Matthew Good 2011 Tour Updates

October 28, 2011 02:28 PM UTC

Daniel Wesley has been officially announced as the opening act for Matthew Good's 2011 Canadian Tour. Best known for his 2007 hit "Ooo Ohh," Wesley's music has been described as having a reggae element combined with the unvarnished rock sound made famous by Neil Young. His latest album, "Easy Livin'," is now available in stores.

As previously announced, Milos Angelov will return as bass guitarist, friend of the band Jimmy Reid will join on guitar, and drummer Ian Browne, of Matthew Good Band fame, is set to return. In a recent discussion about setlists, Matthew Good also noted that another person named Dylan is set to join the tour on the piano.

On recent Twitter and Facebook postings, Good discussed the posibility of some more solo acoustic performances. This may take place in the form of another solo acoustic tour but may also be performed during encores.

The song catalogue for this tour appears to be focused on Matthew Good's more recent works. This mainly includes Vancouver, Hospital Music, and Lights of Endangered Species but also features some fan favourites from his previous albums.

Matthew also noted that he was experimenting with acoustic variations of While We Were Hunting Rabbits and Sort of a Protest Song. Perhaps a performance of Near Fantastica will finally be in store? We certainly hope so.

American tour dates have not yet been posted but are planned. Matthew Good's 2011 Tour kicks off this October 9th! Check our concert listings daily for the most up to date information!