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Matthew Good Exculsive Show @ Vancouver

June 8, 2004 06:44 PM UTC

Well CFOX seems to be hosting a free concert. You have to listen to the Fox (99.3FM) and wait for them to tell you to call to get tickets though. You can't buy any you have to win them.

When is it? Canada Day, July 1st. The location is secret but I'm guessing it'll be at the Plaza of Nations (though it probably won't be).

Alright kids, more information for you. At around 4-6 they played the Jail game on CFOX, the prize was a ticket to the MG private concert! Before 9:00pm PST tonight they will be giving away another pair of tickets. But if you miss that I believe Neil Morrison is giving away more every day. So listen a lot and don't forget about me!