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The Last Parade

August 29, 2008 02:17 PM UTC

Portrait of Artist in Jungle has been re-written and recorded once again! The newly re-titled Last Parade sounds a little more mellow compared to the last version we heard and no longer seems to feature the harmony chorus. Though the second verse is still being written so we may hear it yet again.

As of right now, Last Parade is likely to be the opening track for Matthew Good's upcoming album Vancouver.

Last month we announced that the Massey Hall live album was being mastered, we're proud to tell you that it will now be available in stores in the coming months! Initially as an iTunes only release, the CD will most likely be released as a double disc set.

For those of you slightly confused about what you will be hearing, this will be the FULL BAND Massey Hall show. This will not be the acoustic show but for the acoustic fans, there is still a chance that Matthew Good will record an all acoustic CD of songs we haven't heard him play in concert.

Stay tuned for more daily updates! And check out our albums section for more information on the Vancouver album.

Update: Live at Massey Hall is set to be released in CD form this November 4th, 2008.