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Partial Track List Released

November 20, 2006 07:31 PM UTC

A partial tracklist was posted on Matthew's Flickr account earlier today.

Partial Tracklist

Here's what we've gathered from it:
- Can't Get Shot in the Back if you Don't Run
- If I was a Tidal Wave
- Breath of a Nation
- She's in it for the Money
- Single Spark Explosion (possible lyrics on Flickr)
- Prost-Elite (possible lyrics on Flickr)
- Open Window
- Champions of Nothing
- 99% of Us is Failure
- Love Will Find You in the End (A Daniel Johnston cover.)
- __________e (May be Pete?)
- Moon Over Marin (A Dead Kennedys cover?)
- Metal Airplanes
- _________ Losers (Could be Natural Born Losers?)

We haven't quite figured them all out but a special thanks to "haircut-rabbit" for noticing that some titles are previous blog posts. As of now, we have a rough count of 16 new songs though it should be noted that this list is not the complete list. Check out the Bored for updates.