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Still no sign of an all ages concert

July 27, 2004 07:32 PM UTC

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As August approaches we still have no sign of any general admission concerts. Not too sure on why but perhaps night clubs and bars are easier venues to attain? Usually though, Mr. Good performs at the Vogue Theatre for his all age concerts. It doesn't seem that the Vogue is filled up schedule wise as we see here either. So where are the all ages concerts? I'll end my rant now.

Continuing on, a thread on the Bored speculates the next single off of White Light Rock & Roll Review is going to be "Empty Road". Though it may have just been played for fun on the station in question. Either way it's a good song but "In Love with a Bad Idea" or "North American for Life" might have been cooler. That leaves us with this question: What do you think the next single will be?