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Prim Time Deliverance

March 21, 2004 04:52 PM UTC

Want to know what material our forum has to offer? I'll give you a bit of an idea.

1) Matthew Good (Band) related material : Want to talk about his past experiences with the Matthew Good Band or why they broke up? Want to talk about his current experiences and career? Want to discuss the likelihood of his future? Its all here baby, you just have to sign up for the forums.

2) Other Artists : talk about cool bands or horrible bands ("the suck" as my friend Crusader calls them). Your point of view is accepted here at and we urge you to say what you want.

3) Media : something that is part of all our lives. Have you seen a good movie lately? Have you watched a new show or episode of something on the 'tube' ? What type of radio stations do you listen to, tell us about them. And finally, literature, whether it be a book, article, website, or newspaper, we would like to hear about it!

To see what our members have written you must BECOME a member! So register at our forum: Click Here

** remember that Crusader and myself are open to your ideas for the site; once you are a member you can post new topics!!!**

These forums are meant for your opinion and are controversial! Stand up for your point of view and make a bold statement.