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The Jack and Merle Show

August 28, 2004 09:09 PM UTC

Something interesting has popped up on this last few days: "The Jack and Merle Show". Somewhat confusing but it seems to be a response to the complaints and bad reviews he's received at the start of his solo career compacted into a satirical radio play. "Merle", whom no one can identify at the moment, basically sums up all the crap that his fan's have given him. For example: the use of the Orchestra, the lack of the Orchestra, his record sales, his new style of music, and the breaking apart of the band.

I guess this is easier than responding to the same message over and over. No matter what we say or any of his other fans, we hope that Matthew Good continues to make new music (in any way he wants). Perhaps with this new development we'll get a new episode of Andy Danger too.