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Vancouver Overtime

January 24, 2009 01:42 PM UTC

Yesterday marked the beginning of a two week countdown to completion for Matthew Good and his band. It was also the day that America swore in their first ever black President. Both momentous occasions in their own individual ways. Congratulations America!

With the instrumentals by Stuart Cameron and Blake Manning completed, Matthew Good has started recording vocals for Vancouver.

Blake's drumming was, as always, superb, as has been Stuart's recreation of guitar parts. For me it's a first, producing a guitar player, as I played all of the guitars on Hospital Music. On this record I've performed all of the bass, the rhythm guitars, and a handful of lead parts, but have used Stuart to perform the majority of what I'd written on the demos plus a few new additions that are absolutely fantastic.

Although, this was not without difficulty, technical malfunctions and weather interruptions have extended the recording period by one week. This pushes the recording time to about one month.

There have been bumps in the road, I'll not deny that. Recording this record has been almost diametrically opposed to the recording of Hospital Music - a far more stressful affair for me, though even that isn't without its excitement.

The good news is that Pete Yorn may now have a chance to fly in from California and help record backing vocals for the new album.

Matthew Good, having produced Hospital Music, is likely to also produce Vancouver himself. Recording will likely be completed in early February. Sometime after that, engineer Zach Blackstone will give the album a polish and hopefully get you a brand new album for Summer 2009.

As we announced last month, Matthew Good has indeed been re-signed to the Universal Music Group. In an e-mail correspondence with this website, Matthew stated that it was a "brand new deal" and that he was "happy with it." Vancouver will be Matthew Good's thirteenth album release.

(01/24/09) Update: Great Whales of the Sea appears to have made the cut. Pete Yorn is also coming to record next week when strings, piano/keys begin.

Stay tuned daily for more up-to-date news!