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Touring Vancouver, Good Re-signed

December 24, 2008 05:08 PM UTC

As the recording date for Vancouver grows nearer, Matthew Good has been kind enough to share some more of his insight with us on the creative process on the Bored.

Some of the songs [on the new album] are easily played acoustically, but some are completely impossible. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to play by myself. In fact, when I sat down to write this record that's something that was very much in my mind - whether or not to consciously write a record that was primarily acoustically based.

As some of you may remember, Matthew toured acoustically last year in 2007 before following up with a full band tour earlier this year. Unfortunately, it might be a little harder to do that this time around.

But, as is always the case with art, you go with what comes out of you. In this case it took a different turn, and I'm glad that it did. Because while the acoustic thing was fun, the last thing that I want to do is repeat myself. That's not to say that in the future I won't make another record that goes back to that, or uses the acoustic platform in a new way, but this record is something that just came out of me, the majority of it focusing on the last 18 years that I lived in downtown Vancouver.

In regards to the rumour of involving a string quartet for the new album...

...there will indeed be real strings used. There will also be those sounds that I have engineered myself to compliment them.

Vancouver will be recorded at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. Guitarist Stuart Cameron and percussionist Blake Manning will be resuming their roles as members of Matthew Good's band. Pete Yorn may also be making an appearance on this album. The album starts recording this January 5th, 2009.

Update: Matthew Good has re-signed with Universal. Vancouver will be released through them and will no longer be an independent release. Details to follow.

There you have it! More news to come so stay tuned!

Photo by jonrawlinson.