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Vancouver Tour Begins

November 4, 2009 04:44 PM UTC

Matthew Good and the band kicked off their cross Canada tour tonight in Abbotsford, British Columbia. With Stuart Cameron, Milos Angelov, and Blake Manning returning for the tour, concert goers can expect to get what they've been waiting for.

With the newly released Vancouver album, the lineup will include songs from the latest album, some fan favourites, and, as seen in rehersals, at least one new unreleased track.

For those of you who have friended Matthew on Facebook, you can see a preview of what's to come on his profile. For those of you too lazy, we see what appears to be a new track or a re-imagining of an old one as well as Last Parade, Volcanoes, Great Whales of the Sea, and Alert Status Red.

Matthew Good and the Band with opening act Mother Mother will play Nanaimo this Thursday, November 5th.

Update: Matthew was been kind enough to tell us on The Bored that the unknown song in the preview was actually Empty's Theme Park.

Stay tuned daily for more news and hopefully new lyrics!