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Year In Review

February 17, 2009 12:43 PM UTC

2008 proved to be a very exciting year for Matthew Good and his fans. After playing a series of acoustic shows, fans were treated to a highly anticipated full band tour with a brand new band, a live album, a tour in the USA, and a whole new set of demos for an upcoming album named Vancouver!

Although it may not have always run smoothly for Matthew last year with his bout of food poisioning and his recent case of bronchitis, Good has made an effort to help those in his home city of Vancouver. In 2008, he participated in a charity dinner auction for the Babz Chula Society, a fund raiser for the SPCA, and helped the needy in the Downtown Vancouver Eastside.

Aside from his charitable work, Matthew Good worked hard all year to write his new album, Vancouver. With the recent completion of recording with new band members Stuart Cameron, Blake Manning, and possibly Rod Bruno, mixing for Vancouver began on the 9th. Zach Blackstone has also reprised his role as a Producer. Matthew Good also signed back on to Universal Music which will make this album his thirteenth release through them.

From what originally started off as a new EP, Vancouver has grown into an, as of writing, eleven song full length album featuring a string quartet and the backing vocals of Pete Yorn.

2009 will surely prove to be another exciting new year in the world of Matthew Good. With new material and a new band lineup, we may also see a brand new tour with the expected summer release of Vancouver. There is likely more in store.

Update: The album release date is now expected to be late summer to early September of 2009. Check our "new album" section for more up to date news.

Stay tuned daily for more updates!