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Lo-Fi B-Sides (1998)

Lo-Fi B-Sides cover art
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Album Information

"Lo-Fi B-Sides," released in 1998, was the second EP produced by the Matthew Good Band. The EP was limited to 5,000 copies, and was included as a bonus with purchase of the band's 1997 album, Underdogs.

How to obtain this album

Matt's Methods Of Getting A Copy Of This Album Are:
a) Try looking in some used record stores. You never know what you'll find.
b) You can try to buy it from someone on the internet but it'll probably cost a lot.
c) Go get the Edgefest 99 CD and buy Beautiful Midnight. That way you'll have Fated and Born To Kill and will only be missing our cover of Enjoy The Silence.
d) Home invasions.
e) Walk through the streets naked with 'LO-FI-B-SIDES' written on your chest and see who responds.
f) Try calling Dave Porter at Universal Music in Toronto and ask him. It was their idea in the first place. He might even do your laundry if you ask him nicely enough. Hell, he does mine when I'm in town.
g) Start a political party whose only agenda is to have it put back into production.
h) Find a girl or guy who has it, woo them, pretend to fall in love with them, steal the CD, and dump them flat.
i) Walk into reception at the Universal Music's head office with a machine gun and start screaming demands. That way you'll probably get a whole whack of other free shit as well.
> (Such as the Rammstein Live video!)
j) That's pretty much all I could come up with.


  • The version of Born to Kill included on Lo-Fi B-Sides differs from the one released in 1999 on the album Beautiful Midnight. For Beautiful Midnight, the song was entirely re-recorded with additional accompaniment by the London Session Orchestra.
  • Enjoy the Silence is a cover of the Depeche Mode song from the 1990 album Violator.