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If you see anyone violating these guidelines, please click the "Report" button to inform us.

Things to Remember

  • This is a privately owned and run website! Membership is a privilege not a right.
  • We follow a "three strikes" policy, meaning you can receive a maximum of 3 warnings before being banned or probated.
  • The Administrators, Staff, or any of the Moderators/Liaisons may revoke your membership at any time before reaching your three strikes in the case of exceptional circumstances. Site Admins and Staff get final say on all decisions.
  • Please try to read a thread over before replying!

Important Things to Know

  • Do not create more than one account! That is, no user should have more than one account registered on this website. If you create more than one account, they will all be banned and you'll never be able to download anything from the NF Store again.
  • Keep it civil. Do not harass other members. Respect each other. If you want to pick a fight with someone do so through private messaging. If it gets out of hand, tell one of the site Staff by reporting it and we'll deal with them.
  • Keep it legal.
  • Do not ask/beg others for their NF$ (download credits). You will lose your NF Store privileges.
  • Do not spam or post just for the sake of trying to earn NF$.
  • Some areas of the forum require special group permissions to view. "NF Fanatic" status can be naturally acquired by the time you reach 60 posts and will grant you access to most of these sections.

Downloads and Bootlegs

  • If you want to post MP3s or concert bootlegs, please post them only in the NF Lounge.
  • The lounge is one of many sections that require NF Fanatic status to participate in.
  • If you do not have NF Fanatic status it can be acquired by the time you reach 60 posts or may be purchased by trading in your NF$ for an upgrade in the NF Store.
  • Based on your previous posts and contributions, you may also request NF Fanatic status from a moderator.

Where has my post gone?

  • Try searching through your posts via your profile. It has likely been moved to a more appropriate section of the forum. If you can't find your post, it may have been moved to a section of the forum that you cannot access yet.
  • Your post may have been merged with another topic.
  • Spam and threads that are duplicates of older threads are moved to the recycling bin or locked.

Posting Tips

  • Please try not to revive years old posts unless you've got a really good reason.
  • Make use of the forums search feature to see if something has already been discussed. There have been a lot of good threads over the years that you may enjoy!
  • Please don't be overly vulgar and or offensive.
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