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Last Night In

August 29, 2006 11:46 AM UTC

Edit: One video uploaded from last night, YouTube is overly slow so we'll be putting these videos in the Music Video section on the site in the near future. Click here to watch In a World Called Catastrophe for now.

Edit2: A Podcast is out on Radiozoom.

The setlist from last night:
Metal Airplanes *NEW SONG*
Strange Days
Prime Time Deliverance
Sort Of A Protest Song
She's In It For The Money
Alert Status Red

House Of Smoke And Mirrors
In A World Called Catastrophe

The night lasted well into midnight. Videos and a better summary of the night to follow!

Some photos and tidbits from last night: Zona Boy's photos, Miss 604 [1][2], Acoustic Diaries, Audihertz.