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Matthew Good in Claymation

January 28, 2012 02:29 AM UTC

With Matthew Good's first show of 2012 set to kick off with the American Acoustic Tour this February, we take a look back to 1997.

That year saw the release of the Matthew Good Band's second album, Underdogs. It quickly reached double platinum status in Canada and would eventually become one of the band's most commercially successful albums to date. Four videos were released from Underdogs, Apparitions was one of them.

A television cycles through a building's security cameras, a phone rings in the background, and a man, played by the late Geoff Lloyd, sits intently reading a newspaper. Set in a dimly lit office building, a janitor, played by Matthew Good, answers the call and goes about his daily rounds.

For many, this song would be the first introduction to the music of Matthew Good. The haunting melody and vocals played on radio stations across Canada and brought us one of Good and Bill Morrison's most celebrated videos.

This fine video as well as all of the other Matthew Good and Matthew Good Band’s music videos are available for viewing in our videos section.

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Claymation Matthew Good and Dave Genn
A claymation Matthew Good and Dave Genn.

As a special treat, here is a claymation version of the Apparitions video by the very talented YouTube user "faithdelusion." We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!