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Vancouver Release Date

April 16, 2009 08:01 PM UTC

Update: THE SONG PREVIEW HAS JUST BEGUN! Silent Army in the Trees is the first song to be previewed on Matthew's blog.

It's official, sort of! According to Matthew Good, Vancouver looks like it is going to be released in the first week of October 2009, about five months from now. Like with Hospital Music, Good plans to stream the entire album about three weeks before the release date.

In regards to a new tour, nothing is officially planned as of yet. Although Matthew did state that he "may play a few shows in the summer." As of right now, we're unsure of what format it will be in but we're assuming that it will be with a full band.

Vancouver will be Matthew Good's thirteenth release through Universal Music. It was recorded in Vancouver's own Warehouse Studios and features the talents of Stuart Cameron (guitar), Blake Manning (percussion), and Pete Yorn (backup vocals).

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