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Summer Roundup!

June 2, 2009 09:00 PM UTC

Unfortunately, Matthew Good and the band will not currently be performing any shows this summer. This likely means that there will be no concerts until at least after the release of the Vancouver album. In regards to the release date of the new album, it remains unofficial and uncertain.

On a recent blog post, Good stated that live performances will likely begin this fall of 2009, specifically in November, which now gives us a tentative but more probable release month for Vancouver.

Back onto the matter of concerts, we do not yet know if the current live band (Peter Nunn, Stuard Cameron, Milos Angelov, and Blake Manning) will be returning to perform this tour. We do, however, expect to see Stuart Cameron and Blake Manning or possibly even Pete Yorn as they had recorded with Matthew Good on the new album but, as of right now, nothing has been officialy confirmed.

As for last months entry on the DOXA Film Festival, Matthew did not actually have time to participate in the fundraiser and duly did not have a camera up for auction. We appologize to anyone who was hoping to bid on a roll of Matthew Good' photos but there are still other famous photographers to bid on.

Update: Great Whales of the Sea has been posted for preview on Matthew Good's blog.

Stay tuned daily for more upcoming up to date news and concert listings!