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Victoria Parliament

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Yeah, maybe this isn't really political at all, but political people have political sites and political sites have historical facts.


I need the history of the parliament building itself in victoria. Its an analysis of the architectural techniques used. I need to know what the economy, the city was like when it was build. I need to know the architectural influences on it. I'm strapped for information, and its due tomorrow morning, (monday). I've been searching forever, and can't find anything.


ANY help is much appreciated.

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...political people have political sites and political sites have historical facts.

If you're looking for historical information with a high degree of accuracy, here's a huge hint: you will definitely not find it on political sites.


Other than that, I would imagine there would be a wealth of articles on sociocultural factors prevalent in Victoria during the particular time frame you're interested in. You have tried the library, haven't you?

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