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Massey Hall Vinyl Cancelled

October 20, 2008 04:50 PM UTC

We have some bad news hockey fans, the vinyl planned to be released for Matthew Good: Live at Massey Hall has been scrapped.

On Matthew Good's website he had this to say:

It is my unfortunate duty to have to report that 'Live At Massey Hall' will not be available on vinyl. From what I have been told the release would fill four full records worth of space. We debated releasing four different versions or two double albums, but at the end of the day the cost to do so would result in them retailing for far too much money.

Though, we've got some good news for you all! As we announced a few days ago, Matthew Good will be BACK IN THE STUDIO to record Vancouver this December 2008!

As Massey Hall will not be coming out in vinyl, Matthew has promised to try and get Vancouver released on vinyl as well as the regular CD.

Stay tuned daily for more updates!