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Does anyone know this singer from the 80's?


She's just released a new album after 13 years with no new material... and for those who like her (like me), it's been a great surprise to have such an album.


She has played in Madrid (Spain) two weeks ago, and gave a perfect concert, mixing her new material (she played almost the new album complete) with the old songs.


If you are interested in it, a radio station show (Radio 3, Fluido Rosa) recorded the whole concert and its available to download (Mp3 format) on their website:




It is the radio program for October 26, 2008.


The first single, "Full moon", is available in YouTube:







Anne Clark - The Smallest Acts Of Kindness


Release Date : 06-10-2008

Year : 2008

Type : Album Tracks : 12

Url : http://www.anneclarkofficial.com



Track Title Track Time


01 Nothing Going On (05:33)

02 The Hardest Heart (03:47)

03 Waiting (03:32)

04 Psalm (05:46)

05 Know (02:56)

06 As Soon As I Get Home (07:31)

07 Off Grid (03:02)

08 Boy Racing (04:16)

09 Zest! (03:10)

10 Prayer Before Birth (03:43)

11 Full Moon (05:17)

12 If (07:25)


TOTALS : 78,8 MB / 55:58 min


Friday, 26.September 2008; Anne Clark releases her first studio album in over 13 years!!!

The wait has been long, but well worth it!


The limited edition Anne Clark The Smallest Acts Of Kindness digipack is a high quality cd

album jewelcase-size hardbound book with a fine 4-color matte finish on its cover. This

digipack book contains the lyrics for all of the album`s songs, as well as over 25 full

color photos by the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA), Sofia Papathoma, and Andy Bell, on over

30 high grain pages. The cd with its 4-color offset print slides neatly in a carton pouch

after the last page of the book. This state-of-the-art packaging sets a new and higher

standard in the field of audio cd marketing and manufacturing.


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