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Want: Loser Anthems Poster

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Hello everyone -


I found myself having to move last year to attend school, and I made the mistake of putting many of my household goods in storage. When I took them out of storage 8 months later, a few of my things had been stolen. ("Unfortunately misplaced", as the storage company told me, right before they explained that they were in no way liable.)


One of the things I lost was a framed Loser Anthems poster (#448), along with a personal photo album and other framed pictures.




I've been searching high and low to find another one, but to no avail. So, my question to you, fellow fans is this: Do any of you have a copy of this poster that you would be willing to part with? It would make me so happy if I could own it again. Please PM me and name your price.


Thank you.

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