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Old Songs In A New Light

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Recently, I found a pair of head phones on the ground. They seemed like they were old and probably broken, but I tried them anyways. To my surprise they were functioning, however, they removed center-panned audio. Needless to say I decided to listen to some Matt Good with these things, and I am glad I did.


I don't know if any of you ever listen to music by removing center-panned audio, but if you don't you should. I brings subtleties of a song forward, like back-up vocals and such.


I highly recommend that you guys try listening to some of Matt's music like this, and, (if I'm allowed) I can upload Matt's catalog sans center-panned audio to the lounge if you guys are that inclined.


Here is an example of what it does for those who have never heard a song edited like this before:



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