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The Rocky Fortune (great Rock Band)

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Check them out!!!!

The Rocky Fortune site

The Rocky Fortune on new music canada(for some tunes)


Behold a group of artists that strive to be more than the best at what everyone else is playing today. They are the glass in the gravel, the rock n? roll amongst the rhythm n? blues. They are The Rocky Fortune. Steeping the appeal of timeless music in the boiling desire of youth, this band has managed to brew a concoction for those of us seeking that feverish feeling. Their songs mate the searing aggression of AC/DC with the sincerity and folk sensibility of Neil Young to form a hotbed of danceable melodic rock. And while some people refer to them as the ?welcome change to current musical trends,? or ?the band to hear in Canada,? they?re just happy to make the songs that stomp and tip-toe their way through you. A band with such a potent musical recipe obviously has a history. The relevant portions of this history include musical partnerships formed in 1998 (forged solid over years of van-and-trailer touring through North America) a 2004 Western Canadian tour, an appearance at 2004?s NXNE festival, and the release of an EP in 2004 that had sold out three months after its release in April? just in time for the band to realize that they needed a new name. After a summer of recording new material to bundle with the EP for a full-length album, drummer Craig Florence, guitarist Tyler Toews (TAVES), and bassist/vocalist Todd Gesshe (GESH-uh) have re-branded the band and set themselves up for the release of their debut full-length.

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