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Audio Engineering & Sound Production

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i just started an audio engineering course this year and im already half way through my first year. ive been doing alot of reading and study, but still, its a very busy industry. i was looking up an artist (i like to think of audio engineers as artists) who worked on A Perfect Circle (i think) and he said that only 5 of the 50 graduates he went to uni with in the same course are in the audio industry still. scary stuff, i dont wanna be a bum. so yeah, anyone with experience in the industry, drop me a line. i wouldn't mind a chat.

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I used to take a lovely course in highschool called communications technology. Our course was taught by a wonderful but cynical old man whose last name contained the word Cock.


This man singlehandedly crushed my half-dream of being an audio technician when he stated that nobody under 30 is in that field, because the jobs within are supposedly monotonous with shitty pay and no advancement.


I know it's not the good news you were looking for but this is the only knowledge i can offer.


EDIT: Just realized you're from Austrailia. It may be an entirely different scene there, so dont lose all hope.

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