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I caught the first episode of "Free Ride" tonight, the new show about a guy moving home after college to find that life back at home ain't all he hoped it to be. I can't say I was expecting this show to be any good. None of the promo clips looked even remotely funny. And so when I ended up catching the show, my suspicions were confirmed.


I saw this show with three other people and after it was over we were divided 50/50 on those who thought it was good and those who thought it was crap. Myself being counted among those in the "it's crap" category.


Did anyone else see this show? If so, what did you think? And is it too early to wager on its cancellation?

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I watched it for the first time this weekend. Immediatly following the Loop.


I found them to both be identical except one main character is a slacker, the other is an executive.

Same old same old.


As a matter of fact, i was so stoned that i didnt notice the change between the two and got so confused. "What? Why isn't he working for the airline anymore? hes living in a garage? what happened to the party animal friend!?!"


As far as im concerend they can cancel them both!

(or the one mega same show i discovered)

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