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What Should I Do?

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just now, one of the new CFAs i hired had a meeting with a semi-retired couple and a friend. they were waiting for the guy in question to finish up with a client before they went into his office... i was on my way to get some lunch and some coffees for the rest of the office. i asked them if they wanted anything, and they actually accepted (usually people dont accept). i added their list to my order at the deli along with three starbucks drinks. i returned about 20 minutes later didnt see them in his office. i figured they left. turns out they were in the common area (a room i have set-up in the office for clients and potential clients to relax while waiting or making a decision). i bring them their food, and drinks and before i can leave the room and wander back to my office, my secretary advises me that they are leaving.


i'm shocked. i go into richard's office and ask hi why they are leaving. he says to me (paraphrasing) "they were difficult, theres no chance, they dont know what they want and wouldnt listen to my ideas."


at this point i basically ran out of the office and found them right near the elevator together i said "where do you guys think you're going?" and they look at me with shock and say "do we owe you something for the food?"... which i have to say, i totally expected... i said "you owe me your business"... they walked back through the office doors, into my office and i am now in total control of their finances and investments for the next 3 years.



the question i pose is... should richard get the boot today? or this a case of "the mondays"

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It definitely takes a certain type of person to be a salesman. You have to be assertive and cunning. I think it's the kind of thing where you're either good at or not. If you're passive with a short patience, it's definitely not going to work for you.


the gift of the gab is definitely a gift. If you're good enough at it you can make a client feel like they absolutely cannot say no. You can make the dumbest deal in the world sound like a steal.


it sounds like maybe your employee is lacking in that department. Because, what was he doing to try to make the sale while they were sitting in the common room? Normally, if someone's not interested at all in the business, they wouldn't wait around for free food, because nobody likes a hidden price tag. they'd feel guilty. uninterested clients would walk out.


I say, give me his job . ;)

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no, he didnt talk to them in the common room, they were in his office for less than 20 minutes (waiting when i left, and in the common when i returned). the thing is, its not really a sales job because the only product you're selling is yourself, the services and the payoff come from work and following through on the promises. the reason why this is an issue is because if you get fired as a CFA its almost impossible to get another job in the same field because bosses dont like retraining to do it THEIR way.

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yeah I see what you mean. I didn't really pay attention to "CFA"... he's still gotta sell the service.


people usually deserve second chances, sometimes a third. I think he deserves a second, just tell him why you're mad. And from the sounds of it, they were difficult customers... waiting around for free food then promptly leaving.

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