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Only You Can Prevent Spam

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Use the search before you post!


For all bored veterans:


You can help us cut down on SPAM. It's really easy actually.


Here's what I want you to do: When you see a topic posted that has been done before, don't reply to it.


If you want to be more helpful, clicky on the report button and give a message "This is an old topic".


If you want to be super helpful, use the search and add the link to the old thread in the report.


I'm going to rip through the reports on a nightly basis and merge/trash as required.


Thanks for your help, it will make the bored a happier place.

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Alright, this is to the newbies.


Please, do not click the Report button when you mean to click the Quote button. Reports get filed for the moderators, and since the system is dumb, end up getting reviewed by all of us.


The windows look totally different to (see attached).






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