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have you ever listened to a song...many times



its a good song



you like it



then one day, a certain lyric stands out to you and you realize.



my god...this person wrote this song for me






my god...that's deep



this has been happening a lot to me with the lyrics and songs of Sam Roberts


take for example, off of his new album, the song "With A Bullet



If you were marked with a bullet

I'd jump in front of it

I'd rather die for love than die for the want of it

Forever alive, forever forward

I have no use at all for any more words




does anyone else get that "wow" feeling when reading that? Or is it just an early sign of cancer for me?

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It's nothing too special lyrically, it's just sort of my anthem.


"1989" - Less Than Jake


Let me give you some insight into my insides

I haven't been this confused in such a long time

you can't believe I've spent just losing my mind

I can't believe that 10 years have really gone by

it's been a long time

Had a plan for every year I've been alive

a million more I've built up inside of me

there's a million more that I have bottled up

and that I've fucked up

do you feel like the hard times are mountains you've climbed lying awake

it still feels like it's '89 it's been along time

those mindless days the plans that I've made

the countless mistakes all the times I've changed

through the years I faced all that's kept me sane

every single day

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