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WOW Boards of Canada is unique and so interesting, so different from everything else in electronic music right now (not that other stuff is bad, Arovane, Autechre, Chris Clark, M83, 65 Days of Static all rockin it ;) ) Listening to Geogaddi for the first time was like the 1st time I ever heard Gong or Saeglopur by Sigur Ros...


There is suuuuch depth in the music, it's mesmerizing. It is a lot slower than a lot of electronic music, but it's "moving with the speed and power of flowing glaciers"



wow, chills down the spine constantly




check out songs like.. hmm


from Geogaddi: (slow burning, paranoid and powerful album)

Dawn Chorus

Julie and Candy

Music is Math

Over the Horizon Radar



from Campfire Headphase: (more relaxed, easier and flowing)

Chromakey Dreamcoat

Hey Saturday Sun

Slow this Bird Down

Satellite Anthem Icarus


from Trans-Canada Highway EP

Skyliner (WOW)

Left Side Drive, so smooth and slow


from "Beautiful Place out in the Country"

Amo Bishop Roden, niiice song


from "Hi Score" EP

Everything you do is A Balloon beautiful song


From "Music has the Right to Children"

"ROYGBIV" fun song, nice

Rue The Whirl... trippy!


It all carries such pervasive themes, childrens innocence, paranoia, natural math, birds chirping in so many songs haha flowing with the songs, sounds of the 70's educational and corporate instructional videos, weird but it's pulled off soo well

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