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Great Whales Of The Sea

October 26, 2008 03:17 PM UTC

A new track entitled Great Whales of the Sea is up for preview on the mBlog!

On his blog, Matthew Good had this to say:

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Years ago I had a day off during the making of Beautiful Midnight. Two friends had dropped by my place to get me, as we were going out. While sitting there, we somehow got into a discussion about writing quick songs about nothing. So I picked up this crappy old classical guitar that belonged to my ex-girlfriend and proceeded to play...
In about 45 minutes I had what would basically be Hello Time Bomb, which later that night I quickly recorded onto a cassette and we tracked the very next day.
...[Today] in an attempt to create spa music as a joke I wrote a future hit single – that's hardly the case. But while messing around with various sounds in an attempt to produce spa music I did accidentally end up with something altogether different.

Running in at 3 minutes and a half, this new demo features some trademark Matthew Good drumming and a hint of whale song. We've taken a stab at the lyrics, feel free to help us get the lyrics on the Bored.

This is the eleventh possible track to be included on the upcoming album Vancouver.

Update: Three of the previous demos have been posted for preview on Matthew's blog!

Stay tuned daily for more updates!