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Chuck Palahnuik

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Anyone here read any of Chuck Palahniuk's work?

I think hes absolutely fabulous. If anyone is unaware, he wrote fight club.

I might be alone on this but i see a lot of the same themes in fight club as i do MGB's albums, and even Matt;s current works, although not as much.

If I were to reccommend any of his books, Id have to say Lullaby and Survivor are his best.

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Survivor is one of the best books, hands down, written in the past 50 years.


I think it's nearly perfect.


I just re-read it after finding out that the whole book is a statement on the US education system. I can't believe I missed that.


I just bought his new collection, 'Stranger Than Fiction'. Can't wait to get to it. It's on deck along with the new Hunter Thompson collection, 'Hey, Rube!'

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I had no idea it was a statement on the US education system, I might have to read it again with that in mind.

Im hoping to read stranger than fiction soon when the library has it in. Im sure like everything else it will be great.

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