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If He Were A Tidal Wave

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Just wanted to share this. I just transcribed an excellent speech Matt made in-between songs before he played "If I Was a Tidal Wave" at a live show in Nanaimo, BC, July 31, 2006. I transcribed it from

. Transcribed it the best that i could hear, if you can make out some of the word i couldn't please post them. Enjoy:


I’m tired of politics. I’m sick and tired of politics i gotta say. I’m sick and tired of the kind of politics that can drop bombs on kids, and i’m sick and tired of the kind of politics that can ignore that. And i’m obviously sick and tired of the kind of politics that can say that it’s the right thing to do.


I have some good friends who were just east of Beirut up until about four days ago, when they escaped into Jordan and then drove to Damascus and got a flight to Canada. Their house was nearly bombed by the Israeli air-force. And i’m just tired of air-forces. I’m tired of terrorist groups. I’m tired of jackasses with guns.


It seems to me that we live in a society that perpetuates its own myth. It’s very true of Canada, and very extremely true of the United States, which most of its citizenry has no idea of the reality of its own history. “We’re not the largest arms manufacturer in the world. We’re haven’t spent, this year alone, half a trillion dollars on guns and a variety of other fantastic toys, made by family-run businesses in every congressional district in the fucking country.” Until we stand up and say that it’s wrong it’s going to continue to happen.


Because war is money, and alive kids ain’t.


love that last line.

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Nice. A few years back he played 21st Century Living and had words up on the screen regarding G. Bush and what was happening re. war at that time, and those words were said instead of the regular verses. I don't remember exactly what it said, and I've seen him do different lyrics on other occasions, I just remember they were extremely to the point and very truthful eye opening lyrics like these. I remember getting chills from them.

If anyone has them I'd love to hear or see them again.

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