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Sly Botts

Solid State Drive

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Hey guys, I finally made the switch from a standard HDD to a Solid State Drive.  I can tell you, its worth it.  I describe the experience now as my computer running like a hot knife through butter with regards to posting/booting into windows. What used to take literally 2-5 minutes of start-up routine and loading background tasks has turned into less than 30 seconds from post to desktop which includes entering a login password.  No slowing down or chugging post login. Instant speed and significant improvement with load times all around.  I went from 500Gig to 250Gig drive but it was worth it.  119.99 on Amazon.  I could never go back.

Also.. didn't have to re-install my OS.  Just used software to clone my HDD to my SDD.  It took less than 30 minutes,  swapped the boot priority in the BIOS and it was done.  Simple.

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