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Finli O'Tego

All Together lyrics

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NF.com seems to be the only site with lyrics to "All Together", but they're not very accurate. I believe these to be closer (although not necessarily 100% accurate):


Over the rainbow,

out over the lawn,

stretch out on this sleepless bed

and wait for your kingdom come.


Over the night-glow,

out under the stars,

a whole life to get perfect bliss,

just hanging on.


See, we've been nothing for far too long,

and I've been wondering what went wrong,

and, baby, if you can put me all together.


Out over the night-glow,

out over our loss,

a quiet to eat the world and

rest in strangers' arms.


See, we've been nothing for far too long

i've been wondering what went wrong

and, baby, if you can put me all together.

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