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I have been a pretty big fan of certain genres of EDM (electronic dance music, though most isn't actually dance) for some time now. I offer two resources for the curious:


The first is Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music where you may find a tree of related genres with audio looped examples and descriptions. Don't take the harshness of his descriptions too seriously - it's for entertainment as much as information. You'd think the guy hated everything but Goa.


Next is Digitally Imported, arguably the best source for free streaming EDM web radio in the world, many channels by category. Listen using winamp or Realplayer, at up to 96kbps for free. Higher bitrates are available with a membership.


Maybe you don't care...chances are most of you don't. But on the off chance someone was wondering, these are the best resources I know of to learn about it.

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Oddly enough I've never heard of Solid Globe, though Van Dyk is hard to avoid. While I'll listen to most genres, I tend to prefer chillout/psy/goa trance. Especially Goa. Astral Projection, Talamasca, Halluinogen, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, etc.

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