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Is The Abbotsford Show Outside?

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Yes, the show is ouside.



Nice. Anyways, any idea when MG is taking the stage? It starts kind of early (3:30)

At Disorientation the headliner usually doesn't go on stage until around 9 - 9:30.

For some reason I couldn't edit my previous post. Maybe I'm blind and can't see the edit option.


Anyways, yes, like I said the headliner goes on stage around 9 - 9:30 - ish. It's a pretty long wait considering the gates open at what...3:30? if i'm not mistaken. However, I'd stick around and check out the opening acts. Specifically:

Faber - needs no introduction, if you reside in Greater Vancouver area you probably know (unless you live under a rock) that they won CFOX Seeds this year.

Hedley - saw them at the PNE the other day, and was quite really very impressed/pleasantly surprised. The video that's being played on Much does them no justice whatsoever. Some familiar faces, too - Crippin (Bif Naked), Tommy MacDonald (ex-Jar, Flybanger), Dave Rosin. All 3 of them, as you might recall, used to be in Everything After before it passed away into oblivion.

The Heck - if you haven't seen them yet, you might wanna check them out - the frontman is a fruckin' guitar god (and that's at the tender age of 18)

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