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i need a place that i can download hopfully all of the songs listed below.


William Sits In Avalon

The Jangolier

Full Moon In Pisces

Message To God

Before You Go

4 Minute Mile

Should've Been A Super Villain


Comfortable Criminals

Bespin, the Betrayal

Subjugate me

Daddy's got a Brand New Van


The Last Poem's Poet

Saturday The 12th

You Are Here

Mercy Misses You

Joe's In Trouble

All Together

Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run



Seriously Serious

Free Download / Downloading Blues


(acoustic) near fantastica ???



to my knowledge there isnt a place to buy any of these. some one must have them some where, please share.


i know the store on this site has some of the songs, but i hope some one will be nice and save me the time of raising these NF $$$... i see the point of them but, this will be the only post i ever make for a long long time.

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I'll give you what I happen to have on my desktop.

Bespin, The Betrayal


Also, look


for a live version of Alabama Motel Room. There's stuff in the Lounge which you'll be able to see with only 60 posts as well.

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