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Would Anyone Like To Buy A Book?

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Plastic is a town going no where fast. Full of drug filled teenagers and clueless adults; the town creates quite the unpleasant place to be for Matt to be. He and his friend Gord routinely take the weekends to play Pool and complain about the town and how they dream of finding some place better. But everything gets turned upside when Sara Priske comes to town. Opening herself up to him immediately, both makes Matt scared, and curious to learn more. It doesn't take long for Sara's self destructive behavior to really show Matt that even love can not save someone from themselves.


matt and priske? where have i heard these names before..

Hahaha. ;)


I know eh? Alot of the time when I needed a name I just looked around my CD collection for a first or last name.

and Geoff Brown?


Geoff Lloyd, Ian Brown?







As for the actual story....



meh. The premise is a bit of a cliche, isn't it? Of course I have no clue where you're going with it, but you haven't grabbed me yet. But a town named Plastic and a school named Lucky? Hit me over the head with your symbols, whydontcha?


And I'm trying to put this nicely, but your writing needs practice. It's sloppy, and seems very conversational. It lacks a certain depth, I think.

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I'll admit, the plot does sound really cliche, but where it goes isn't the normal cliche.


I don't think it is, I haven't come across anything like it.


And no offense taken about the writting style part. Sometimes you just don't like the way people write. The novel "Everything Is Illuminated" is now a movie because of its success, but I HATED it so much because of how it was written.


Sometimes, things just don't click with you.

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