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i know you people hate me and my wes borland favoritism but here's his new band. danny lohner is in it, so is josh eustis and even josh freese (the notorious one man orgy). if you don't know who those people are then what i just said really doesn't matter. however it is important to point out that wes is the one singing. suprisingly. i was quite shocked. he also has his regular guitar duties too.


here, have a listen:




i'm not 100% happy with the songs provided, but it isn't limp bizkit, so i can forgive them.

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Black Metal! Jeez, know your sub-genres.




hahah I too am i huge wes boreland fan, and i loved BDF.

I thought it was really cool that it was him singing, but the songs weren't spectacular.


Were eat the day any good?

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ok ok, black metal it is then.


in my opinion eat the day had better "riffs" from the clips that wes had offerred up way back when they were looking for a singer. i think the new stuff might be a lot more laid back (or simplistic) so that he can sing and play at the same time when they bother to do this stuff live.

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I would have killed to see BDF live. I saw a clip of them on the New Music, and they had this castle/church set and they were dressed like cavemen wearing like lions heads and stuff. it looked so fun.

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