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Dvds Into Itunes

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I'm out of the loop on PC programs, but getting DVD's onto a Mac is really easy. There is an app called "Mac The Ripper" (terrible I know) that can de-region, de-macrovision, and read all copy protection I've ever encountered. Once you have the VIDEO_TS folder, I'm sure there are apps for converting for playback... Come to think of it, you can just extract the title feature, and demux the VOB to get the individual streams (.m2v, .ac3, .dts, .pcm, .spc) which are the MPEG-2, and then 3 different sound streams (see http://www.file-extensions.org for more description). I'm not sure what you would need to compile an MPEG-4 or H.264 video (iPod formats). There are a couple of VOB to MPEG-4 converters on versiontracker.com (see http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/18765).


I don't have a video iPod though, so I can't suggest a process.



Also, copying DVD's you OWN shouldn't be a crime. The MPAA on the other hand would like to think it is. In theory it is fair use, and you should be allowed to make backup copies for your own personal use, however, I'm not current on recent cases and don't know how well 'fair use' has held up.

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