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Let's have it for one of the greatest shows ever written...


this is a thread dedicated to the brilliance of their writers.


your favourite quotes, people.


i'll get the ball rolling...


Homer: There there, shut up boy, your dog is not going to come back if you keep crying unless your tears smell like dog food so you could keep crying and eating dog food untill your tears smell like dog food or you could go looking for your dog.


Bart: Your right dad im going to go looking for my dog


Homer: Rats i almost got him eating dog food

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"Mr. Ploot ? Homer Simpson here. When you sold me this house, you forgot to mention one little thing: YOU DIDN'T TELL ME IT WAS BUILT ON AN INDIAN BURIAL GROUND!"




"Well, that's not my recollection!"


"YEAH? WELL, all right, GOODBYE!"

*hangs up phone*

"He says he mentioned it five or six times."


"Uh oh, looks like ol' Bullwinkle's kind of got a taste of his own medicine haha"

"Haha he certainly did, Bill"

"Wait, what did that mean? Did what I say make sense?"

"Well...no, not really, Bill"

"Boy, now I know how the pilgrims felt haha"

"What are you talking about, Bill?"


Been re-visiting the 2nd series this week so you couldn't have timed it better.

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"I have had it with this school! The low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children" -Superintendent Chalmers


"Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such medical films as "Alice Doesn't Live Anymore" and "Mommy, What's Wrong with that Man's Face?" Troy McClure


Homer: If I die in the operation, will ya do one thing for me.

Marge: Oooh, anything sweetheart.

Homer: (serious tone) Blow up the hospital

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