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Where Were You On 9/11?

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i was in the library at highschool, grade nine, being hit-on by a hosebeast named sarah martin who doesn't make any sense in any sense of the word.




she then had a child fathered by the retarded brother of a girl i recently lived with. it made my head hurt, even though i knew my (ex-)gf had nothing to do with it.

seriously, the impreganted one, i'll post a pic if i can find one, you guys aren't going to believe tthis shit ahhaa. like if jabba the hutt and three gremlins were confined to a bag, fighting, while being pummeled by elementary school children

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Well, I was on base. Yes, a military base

When the first plane hit 15 mins later I was getting breifed

When the second plane hit.......I was leaving to go fight for our elitist government, and wondering if I would ever see home again.

Obviously I did, but it wasnt the same

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