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I Wonder

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if the monetary investment to host and maintain this site is still worth it. independently wealthy? hopelessly invested? i mean, at this point it is essentially just sodamntired's personal webpage. a blog no one reads, posts that no one replies to, jokes nobody laughs at. when's that cheap fuck going to take over the hosting costs?

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So... I'm fairly sure that this page doesn't cost Anton that much to host. The setup has a few other things on it AFAIK. And there is the kicks from the adds.


That said, I think that this place will probably stick around for a while.


Also, I'm not sure it's fair to call out sodamntired in this particular instance... it's not like he's ever been asked to shoulder the cost and decried it on some "free speak" bullshit argument...

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Vegas eh... new pair of shoes you say... Meeting up at a mall might be better for that case. I vote for a less than classy mom and pop restaurant where we all are required to wear one classy item such as a top hat or monocle just so we are aware we are part of the same group and we don't have to do that awkward look around and see if you reconize anyone. Also, name tags providing our real and usernames would be excellent.

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