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Oh, That'll Buff Right Out

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not funny








I bought a house not too long ago, and wanted to start a "i wish i'd known XXXXXX when i was your age"-tip thread

just, as, we're all going through life and we might as well make it a teamsport.

right?.,, no i in "horrendous".

or, conversely, "success"


what lessons would you have appreciated someone having sharing with you?






I use saltwater instead of mouthwashe, having learned that alcohol is cancerous on your gums

(i'm an alcoholic, I wanted to limit my exposure as best as possible).

that said, for clarification, I am trying to spend 2012 sober. we'll see

president's choice Red Brew is my best firend this year



above-all-said, if you use too-great a concentration of salt in yer water, it's corosive against your enamel, I have also heard

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i think i'm going to give up on new brunswick, sell my house this summer and move to Brasillia


What has made you decide on this as a possibility?



I lie to myself about who I am and where I am going...


I have nothing to add to this thread... that sounded funnier in my head.


Interesting. Also yeah not sure if this is funny but more so concerning haha.



I lie to people when I am traveling now because I was stalked by this man who was on the same train I was when I went from Toronto to Vancouver in 2009. He changed his destination from Edmonton to Courtnay BC as soon as he discovered that I was going there. So I didn’t tell HIM directly he was listening to me talk to someone else who I thought was trustworthy enough to discuss this with (you never know whos listening when you speak in public). He ended up getting the guy that was sitting beside him to hound me about the exact hostel I was staying in. That’s when I started to lie because it was completely messed up.


So I told the staff about the man and they questioned him while he completely denied all of this. Other people were also annoyed with this man because he was overly agressive at random during conversations. They allowed me to move my seat to the back of the caboose and eventually moved me into a private room where I spent 2 nights where I didn’t leave, and rationed a couple of granola bars I brought along.

I was 22 at the time and it was my first time travelling alone so as you can imagine my anxiety about the whole situation. Unfortunately the staff changed and I spent half of my trip discussing the issue with an middle eastern man who doubted my story. Or he didn't care because he came from a country where worse things happened.

Anyway when I got off at Pacific Central station I saw this guy yet again and heard him talking to VIA rail staff about how to GET to Courtenay/Comox. I didn’t get on the ferry at the same time and sat in the station for 8 hours to take the next one. I never saw the guy but it was enough to freak me out enough to never trust people about my traveling information unless I am with other people.

Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t say something to the staff and have them confront him about it and take his name down. Maybe I would have come in contact with him later on. So never doubt your instinct when it comes to your safety while traveling.

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i'm glad you followed it up, in that sense, what a freak!

people are like that though, and it's shit, but,

it seems like the ones you can't avoid dictate to us our future course of action; it then becomes our responsibilities (bleeauugh) to navigate from whatever route they send us down




a nice little "i created this problem for you, show me how you handle it"

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