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The Newsroom Season 2

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All right, am I in the majority being disappointed about Season 2? It seems the show has become a soap opera set in a newsroom. The issues portrayed have been so marginalized that the impact that once seemed to make this the new "Boston Legal" of dramatized social/political issues has devolved into another melodrama of lonely overworked professionals whose personal dramas are not that interesting. Will Mcavoy is still an intriguing character and his enduring love of Mackenzie makes for an interesting subplot; however unoriginal it may be. Charlie (Sam Waterston's) character is by far the most interesting and well developed aside from Will. If this show does not get back to addressing the political issues with the same poignancy of Season 1 and in a hurry then I will have to turn the channel.

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Yeah... so Season 2 was pretty much a soap opera... But that was predictable when the run in was made up news. I kinda like the characters, so I watched it for what it was, and it was marginally enjoyable. The ending seemed like they are probably cancelled but not totally committed to being dead.

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