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how many more deaths in Iraq?

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60 more deaths today in Iraq...


how many more deaths? how many more innocent people are gonna lose their lifes? this is how much safer the world was gonna be after Iraq's invasion, as Bush said?


is this the safer world Bush and his allies were looking for?


do we need more proof that the invasion was just for money, for oil, not to save the iraqui people, or to save the world from international terrorism?


i feel very sad today for all this ;) and also because some of the images recorded by the security cameras in one of the train stations in Madrid where the terrorist attack of March 11 took place have been shown on TV and on some newspapers




all these things make me hate this world even more... and some politicians, too

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do we need more proof that the invasion was just for money, for oil, not to save the iraqui people, or to save the world from international terrorism?

How was the war for money or oil? The war has caused the US to plunge into record deficits and it has shaken an already damaged economy. As for oil, i have yet to hear a good argument that the reason for the Iraq war was primarily for oil. I welcome a link to any.


I really do believe, in my heart of hearts, that Bush & his admin did go into Iraq for anti-terrorist reasons and to rid the world of these WMD's that don't exist.


I just think that the US intelligence did an incredibly poor job, and Bush and the other decision-makers invaded a country based on "a high probability" they would find WMD's, intead being 100% certain. You just don't invade a country unless you know for 100% fact that they have WMD's.


hurray for stupidity.

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the theory of weapons of mass destruction was one of the most scandalous LIES Bush and others told the world... no proof, no document, no UN investigation, no intelligence agencies EVER supported the existence of weapons of mass destruction


and yes, don't worry, there are TONS of articles on the net - I will find them for you - in which the reason to invade Iraq (who has the right to invade a country anyways?????) was just for oil and economical reasons... in the meantime, why don't you read Michael Moore's "Dude, where's my country?" book? It is NOT just his words, there you have THOUSANDS of references and evidence (articles taken from american newspapers, reports, files...) of what I'm saying and what most of the people think... except for Bush and his supporters

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